Note left on the notepad beside my studio door, before the notepad was stolen


I’m sad about the beautiful notepad being stolen. They now sell these very notepads – that were previously out of Europe only – at Borders.

Posted by E-Dub on 31 March 2009 @ 7pm

I love the picture of a cat! I picked it BEFORE I read the explanation… I’m a bit artistic like that.

Posted by jac on 31 March 2009 @ 10pm

kinda nice, kinda creepy

Posted by Dorian on 1 April 2009 @ 8am

I have just started taking letterpress at the Printing and Book Arts Center in Rochester, NY. I like it and hope to get better at it. Round 2 of courses start 4/29. Hopefully, I will print a few things and speed up my typesetting!Love your site!

Posted by julie on 6 April 2009 @ 2am

How delightful. Aside from the book being stolen.

Posted by di on 7 April 2009 @ 10pm

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