Before MS Excel

The Universal  Mono-Tabular Broach (US Patent Numbers 2153890-2338940) was, according to promotional copy, “the most versatile an inexpensive rule form system ever devised.” It is “a machine with punches that may be spaced to broach horizontal metal rules so that vertical rules may be inserted to register most all kinds of forms within two minutes or less.”

The Universal Mono-Tabular Corporation (706 Olive Street, Dallas 1, Texas) addresses her customers on the last page of the machine manual: 

It is our sincere desire that you shall always derive from your Mono-Tabular Broach the full measure of service, speed and ease of production that we have earnestly built into it, and with the installation of this equipment in your plant, we trust, will be the beginning of a very pleasant business relationship between us. 

May it grow closer as the years pass. 

I almost blush to read this.


mmmm- they really don’t make them like they used to, do they?
Although they do, from time to time, write lovely flattering informative articles about interesting people over at Living Creatively. Congratulations! It was fantastic to read all about your journey into letterpress and publishing.

Posted by di on 10 May 2009 @ 8pm

Hi. Enjoyed the article on the Broach. I happen to have one also. Anyway I can get a hard copy of the article?
I’d love to have one.

Posted by Winfred on 5 October 2009 @ 2pm

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