I’m dying to rifle through the filing cabinets at Sterling Cooper.


Oooh yes! Clarendon has always been a favorite!

Posted by Sabine on 2 July 2009 @ 5pm

As I was searching the Internet to find Craw Modern, the typeface I wish to redesign my logo with (or else I have to stick with a modified Bodoni) I came across your specimen sheet for Craw Clarendon, one of my all-time favorites. (I was born in 1951, and grew up during the emergence of some modern typefaces–or old faces re-emerging as contemporary, aware of them at an early age.)

I saw your statement “like to go through the files at Sterling Cooper.” I smiled at your wit, that being my favorite show. I wish I had been in the industry instead of in printing shop at my junior high school, during that ear. By the time I did get into graphic design as a profession, we were fortunately still using T squares, Rapidographs, phototype and Presstype. Even some hand-set wood and metal.

Posted by Chaz DeSimone on 26 November 2012 @ 9am

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