The Art of Photo-Engraving

From the introduction to The Art of Photo-Engraving, 1929: “In these days of hustle and bustle and in a land accustomed to the translation of visions and dreams in terms of steel, concrete and marvelous machinery, a jaded army of sophisticates was thrilled by the appearance of a most unusual book.

A book utterly devoid of poise or posture, purely technical and educational; yet a surprise and a sensation. A book acclaimed by all who saw it and prized by those so fortunate as to obtain a copy. A book for which ten times its original and advertised price was offered. This book is Achievement in Photo-Engraving and Letter Press Printing, 1927.”

The section on the art and process of photoengraving was reprinted in 1929 by Printing Plates Incorporated, Oakland, California. The following illustrations explain the process step-by-step, circa 1929.

To be continued.


tis a shame,
all those great illustrations,

but they are all of men, ….?
{girl~printer must have something to say..?}

Posted by the impo$t! on 5 July 2011 @ 11am

well its well illustrated and as a retired colour etcher it sure does bring back memories,most don’t realise just what used to go into the reproduction of producing a colour set, I would like to etch a set just for fun and see if I could still do it ha ha . it was good to look back. cheers noel.

Posted by noel on 25 May 2013 @ 4pm

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