Kristiina Lahde

I don’t think I need to explain how my heart leapt on seeing these images. Made by Toronto-based artist Kristiina Lahde between 2004-2007, the works are constructed with meticulously altered envelopes. (It is no surprise that Lahde is also a paper conservator!) Her website is here.

The Vanderslippers

I was woken abruptly at a quarter to five the other morning right in the sweet spot of my REM cycle. I know you’re not interested in hearing about the dream I was having right at that moment, but I’m going to tell you anyway. This is a dream for letterpress enthusiasts – specifically, Vandercook […]

New workshop dates

Due to popular demand, I’m moving to a once-a-month workshop schedule, starting with a last-minute, pre-Christmas weekend December 12–13. Last year’s December group spoke both of the relief of escaping the holiday madness and gratitude at being able to knock out some beautiful and unique gifts! Classes fill quickly, so let me know if you’d […]

Envelope @ Mailbox 141

My show at Mailbox 141 is up for just a few more days. Following the State Library’s curatorial example, I’ve had three changeovers of the show, so that all thirty-two of the pieces I made have had a turn on display. (A heads-up for writers – this week’s changeover is for you!) With all the […]

You’re invited

Type Fight

I woke the other morning to a request from my journalist friend Lisa for my opinion about the Ikea/Verdana flap. Just up, I was already running late, so rushed off a few lines and promised in-depth analysis later. Turns out, Lisa was on deadline but was happy with what I wrote; I’m quoted in her […]

The El, Herald Square, undated.

Visitors find the elevated a convenient and pleasant way of getting around the city, as it affords some good views. The New Yorker always chooses the subway, the quickest way – if he can get an express. If he must take a local for a few blocks, he changes to an express as soon as […]

The High Line

Joel Sternfeld, 11th Avenue and 30th Street looking east, Spring   The High Line used to be one of NYC’s mysteries. When I lived in New York in the mid- to late-nineties, I’d often wonder about this stretch of disused elevated railway. So many famous photographs of New York feature street life in the shadows […]

Cleveland Printing Week, 1962

Step #1

I have trouble reading instructions. I sometimes skip #1, under the presumption that it is probably introductory, like, Hello or Get ready or This won’t be as painful as you think. Generally however, I’ve found #1 to be quite important, if not crucial.  I fixed an electronic device tonight using a butter knife. Without consulting an […]

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